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Get large jobs done with precision and speed using our laser screeding services

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We provide laser screed services throughout central Wisconsin. Rent us for the day or the duration of your project. We will show up with our machine and an experienced team member to place concrete in an efficient and economical manner, at prices that are often less than local alternatives. Call us today to see how laser screeding can save you time and money.


Our equipment is essential in the construction of every structure, building, warehouse or facility that requires a flat or sloped floor. Our Ligchine machine is a boom-operated screed with industry-leading performance, as well as compact, lightweight and maneuverable drive-in systems for upper deck concrete and slab-on-grade screeding applications. This service includes a fully operated Ligchine laser screed with Rick, Zach or Jeremy behind the wheel… or in this case, remote. This system enables us to place concrete in an efficient and economical manner.


Laser Screed technology produces slab-on-grade concrete floors that are flatter and stronger than any comparative floors produced by using conventional methods. They establish grade by using a laser guided system, and then vibrate and consolidate the concrete. The console mounted computer maintains grade with laser precision and monitors the screed elevation at a rate of 10 times per second. Laser Screeds feature a self-leveling, 12-foot wide screeding head that is mounted on a powerful 20-foot telescopic boom.  


In addition to being laser precise and mechanically powerful, they are fast. It can accurately screed up to 40,000 s/f per day at competitive prices. That means more floor is placed daily and production schedules are satisfied or actually shortened. Concrete mixes containing steel fibers can also be screeded with ease. Fast production, high quality and cost effectiveness are all direct benefits of utilizing this service. We are excited to offer this new level of accuracy and speed to our clients! Our laser grading system eliminates the need for an on-site survey crew. The accuracy of the laser grading unit reduces overages by giving precise material estimates, and saves you valuable time.


The Laser Screed has revolutionized how concrete is placed. The Screed has an automatic laser control system that ensures an accurate level finish through the use of electro-hydraulic controls. It allows us to provide quality flat and sloped floors, and will help to complete jobs faster, more accurately and with less labor.

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